Each month, we offer a more detailed look of the health issues women in today’s world face.  We hope you find articles to help and assist you in being your best self.

How to make the most of your yearly exam

It’s that time of year again! Anytime is a good time for your yearly check-up, but why not February? After all, it's the month of love, self love. For many women, the yearly check up, can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! With a little preparation, you...

Stress Less…Wishful thinking or what?

Stress Less: 10 Tips For Women To De-stress Their Lives Stress is a silent killer. It’s been linked to a host of health problems like heart disease, obesity, anxiety, and depression. And yet, we often don’t do anything to manage our stress levels. We just keep going...

Do what? The Benefits of Kegels

Do what? The Benefits of Kegels

It’s not something you hear frequently, but Kegel exercises are vitally important to supporting and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.  So, what are the pelvic floor muscles?  Pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles, three layers in fact, that support your...

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

It’s a new year…a new you right?  2023 will be your year!  Except…the stomach flu is circulating wildly through your family, your Paypal got hacked and the 6 year old mistook the sugar bowl for confetti, and it’s only January 1.  Already, the fantasy of a...

Sleepy Time

Sleepy Time

70 Million...the number of people in this country with a sleep disorder! Are you a card carrying member of the sleep disorder club? If you are one of the 70 million, you would likely do anything to get yourself 'kicked out' of such a group. Not getting enough sleep...

Happy Holidays

The holiday season can be a tough one for some people. It's a time for gratitude and gathering but for many, disconnection, overwhelm and loneliness ensue. Depression and anxiety can feel ever more present during these festive times. Why is that? As women, we are...

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

Postpartum is a wonderful time! It's also a time of new adventures and sometimes a few plot twists. Of course, the best part of postpartum is the time you get to spend holding your beautiful new baby. Sometimes, the time spent in after care can be startling,...

How caregiving can lead to mental exhaustion

How caregiving can lead to mental exhaustion

Whether you are a mother of children or a partner caring for the spouse with declining health, or perhaps you are a child, taking care of aging parents; you are doing the selfless, amazing work of caregiving! Being a caregiver is a universal activity, one we will come...

Body Care

Today, we are talking body care, for your lady parts. Not something we talk about very often. I'm here with good news! Don't you love the appliances in our home that are self cleaning? The oven, the toilet...Did you know you have one organ in your body that was...

Life at 60

Life at 60

Let's talk about all you seasoned and mature women out there. You've been through many transitional phases in life and survived the dreaded 'mid-life' crisis! Menopause is behind you, at least the hot flashes and hormone shifts and you are settling in to a life where...

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