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Whether you are pregnant with your first child, your fifth or experiencing fertility issues, we can help.  We handle normal and high-risk pregnancies. We will provide you with the education you need to experience a positive pregnancy and child birth experience.

Thank you for choosing Madison Women’s Clinic for your healthcare needs. We hope you feel comfortable in our office and urge you to call our office (208) 356-6185 with any questions or concerns which may arise.

Preparing For Your Appointment

For OB (pregnant) patients who are new to our office, or who are established patients beginning a new pregnancy, you will need to complete the forms located below before your first appointment. We also ask that you arrive 20 minutes early, so that our staff can assemble your chart. If you fail to do this, understand that other patients may be seen before you, and you may have a longer wait time. If you have printed out and completed your paperwork already, you will only need to arrive 5 minutes early. If you are late, you may need to reschedule your appointment. In addition to the paperwork, please bring a physical copy of your insurance card to your appointment, if applicable.

Every OB Visit We Do The Following:

  • Urine Check for Protein, Sugar
  • Blood Pressure
  • Fetal Heart Tone
  • Fundus Height
  • Weight Check
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Important Dates & Events During Pregnancy

Initial Ultrasound & Appointment with Doctor   8-12 weeks
Initial OB Bloodwork/Exam 12-18 weeks
Anatomy Ultrasound 20-22 weeks
Glucose Bloodwork 26-28 weeks: Glucola Drink and Hemaglobin
Screening 36 weeks: Group B Strep Culture Check
Vaginal Checks 38-40 weeks: Check Dilation, position of head


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Why Choose Us

Over 25 Years of Experience

Having a trusting healthcare provider is one the best ways to show a little self-love and care.  Our providers are continually improving their knowledge and expertise to stay current in the best way to care for you.

Excellent Service

When you team up with Madison Women’s Clinic, your care will be personalized and meaningful to you.

Care For All Ages

We are here to care for the total health of women in all age groups.  Whether you are just embarking on motherhood or navigating the emotional terrain of menopause, we are here to guide you with each step of the way.

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M-F:  8:30am - 4:30
If you have an emergency after hours, call our office and our after hours nurse will help you.

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