Unbelievable Birth Control Success Stories

Nov 30, 2020 | OB

A successful birth control story is that…it worked!  

Unbelievable right?   Seriously though.  Let’s talk about birth control.  

Not all birth control is effective.  Not all birth control is equal.  Not all birth control is right for you. 

So, in a sea of information at the click of a button, how do you choose the best birth control for you?

The most important first step is…visit with one of our providers at Madison Women’s Clinic.  There is so much to know and understand, and while its important to do your homework, the guidance of a knowledgeable physician is key.  When the decision is made together, you end up with a great birth control that fits your health and lifestyle.  

Here are some basics on birth control to get you thinking.  

The simplest method is the natural rhythm method. With this method, the woman tracks her cycle and is not sexually active when she is most likely to get pregnant.  For a woman who is in tune with her body, has a regular menstrual cycle and is diligent in keeping track, it can be a successful, natural form. If you choose this method, you have to know there is a higher chance of a pregnancy you hadn’t planned on.  Visit with your provider to get started with this method. 

Barrier methods are next in the list of birth control.  These are your condoms and diaphragms; anything that blocks the sperm from contact with the egg.  These methods are not 100% reliable but are inexpensive and simple to use.  Consider that user error can result in a pregnancy.  You don’t have to search too far, to hear stories of how a condom failed them, but, at the same time, it’s a good fit for many couples. 

If you are looking for something longer acting and takes care of itself, the list is longer.  Longer acting contraceptives that can be reversed such as IUD’s, birth control pills and hormonal implants offer a high success rate in preventing pregnancy.  Many of these have come a long ways, with greater ease and safety as well as simplicity.  Most are progesterone based.  The birth control pill can have a higher rate of failure if you forget to take your pill so consider your level of compliance before choosing this method. Patches, rings and pills can have more side effects and be difficult for some women to stay on long term.  This is why it is very important to discuss these methods with your provider.  The options are vast and can be complicated if you already have hormone issues. 

Finally, there are more permanent forms of birth control like tubal ligation and vasectomies.  There have been stories of failed vasectomies but they are not common…still, it happens. 

There are so many choices for women to choose from and there is not a wrong way to do contraception as long as you are making an educated decision, knowing all the pros and cons for  each method.  Madison Women’s Clinic is here to help you navigate this path.  If you are a soon to be bride, make sure you make an appointment well before you plan to become sexually active so you have time to adjust to your new contraception. 

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