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Endometriosis is more common than you think and affects women in their reproductive years. It occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows outside of the uterus. This tissue can be found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the lining of the pelvis. In some rare cases, it may even spread to other areas of the body.

Endometriosis is one of those conditions that continues to baffle the medical community because they just can’t nail down the cause. Most researchers can agree that it is likely the result of a faulty immune system and hormone imbalance. In some cases, genes can play a role as well. There have been some studies that report that the condition often runs in families.

If you aren’t having pelvic pain that worsens with a period, then odds are you don’t have endometriosis. Pelvic pain is the hallmark sign and can become more intense during menstruation and sexual activity. You can also experience heavy and irregular periods, pain during bowel movements or urination, fatigue and infertility.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we urge you to see your favorite provider at Madison Women’s Clinic. With a combination of medical history, physical examination and imaging such as MRI or ultrasound. Sometimes a laparoscopic procedure may be necessary to visualize the tissue.

There are treatment options to help with symptoms which is why it is so important to visit with your healthcare provider. The sooner treatment can start, the better. Pain medication, hormonal therapies to suppress the growth of the tissue, and in some cases, surgery to remove the endometrial implants or even a hysterectomy. Management of this condition is key.

Endometriosis is a complex and potentially debilitating condition that affects many women. With ongoing research and advancements in treatment options, there is hope for improved management and support for those living with endometriosis. Don’t suffer in silence. Madison Women’s Clinic can help you!

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