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Feb 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

It seems like we’ve been into the new year by 6 months already…but it’s really still new.  How are the resolutions coming along…remember that resolve to get fit?

Here is a little list of resources to help you get things on track, if for nothing else, to get you out of the house while winter drags on.  There is much to be said about physical exercise to help deal with seasonal depression, isolation and give you a new lease on life.

  1. Rigby Miss Fit – Formerly known as Bcome Fitness, these women host a variety of exercise classes and with just a short drive, there is probably something you’ll love here.  From TRX classes to Cardio and Kickboxing, give it a try! 
  2. Campus Recreation -If you are a BYUI student there is a world of fitness available to you at no charge, even if you aren’t you can still access any one of these amazing classes with no membership needed. 
  3. Teton Crossfit Are you in to more serious training and weightlifting?  Check out Teton Crossfit.  They offer some flexible memberships at a low cost.  
  4. Rexburg Rebels– Have you heard of the latest craze in exercise?  A pound class!  We have an awesome little following of Pound enthusiasts here in town, each Thursday night at the Madison Middle school.  Class begins at 8:30.
  5.  Fuzion Dance Studio  This is an awesome little dance studio in Sugar City and offers a very low cost, per class option for Zumba, PiYo and Toning.  Grab your friends and sweat it out for an early morning of Zumba!
  6. Gravity Factory  Here in town offers a unique opportunity to get a little yoga in while your little one jumps at a discounted rate.  Tuesdays and Thursday mornings are their Mommy and Me classes, give them a call for rates. 
  7. Indoor Track at BYUI offers a great alternative if you just want to do some walking in a safe, well lit location, free from the harsh winter elements.  This is a great environment and awesome to gather as friends and family to get a little exercise and fresh air. 

Sometimes, it’s more important to just expand your lungs, clear your mind and just start moving.   We can often begin to feel a little weary and sluggish as we head in to March.  Whether you want to lose some weight or just shake off the winter blues, there are many options right here in our community that don’t require a lot of money or membership fees.  Grab your girlfriends,  your kids or your spouse and discover some new ways to get your heart pumping.  

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