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Jul 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

It used to be that you heard the talk about the birds and the bees and some years later, or not, apply the lessons learned and poof…you are pregnant! It seems that infertility is on and rise and it is becoming a bigger struggle to get pregnant. Recent studies have shown that the infertility rate is about 22%. That’s not a low number and this doesn’t include all the women who struggle to get pregnant with the first turn of the cycle.

It’s unclear why this seems to be the case but ask anyone, and they have their guesses. Even men are turning up short in the quality and number of semen, so it’s an issue we should become more educated about, especially if you are wanting a child. The short list of possible things affecting fertility is:

  • Smoking, vaping, alcohol and drug use. The chemicals contained in these products steal our good health and directly affect reproductive hormones.
  • Stress is the epidemic no one talks about. We have this twisted notion that productivity is desirable. Add to that the political strife, social unrest and a struggling economy we are all feeling and stress becomes inevitable. Of course we need to manage it better but that is a conversation for another day.
  • Fluctuations in weight, in either direction can change ovulation and hormones. If you are over-exercising, this can add stress and increase inflammation, both hard on our bodies to manage. Having a high BMI will interrupt healthy hormones and make it difficult to conceive.
  • Environmental factors can make a difference for both men and women when it comes to fertility. This includes the medications we take.

So, how can we increase our chances for fertility? Obviously, making the opposite choices when it comes to the lifestyle causes listed above, can be a good start. Stop smoking and limit alcohol use for starters. Figure out better ways to manage stress and distance yourself from social media, opting for actual, in person connections. Get your weight in check and get yourself in the best possible state of health.

Here are some additional things to consider.

  • Do a little investigating to see what vitamins and minerals you are deficient in and supplement if needed. Don’t rely on your favorite Tik Tok star to tell you, consult with your doctor.
  • Switch out your hours at the gym with an easy walk after dinner. It’s less stressful and just as beneficial.
  • Go organic whenever possible. Guess what, this includes easing up on lubricants. They can include chemicals that kill the sperm. Eliminating chemicals in our food supply as well, is going to pay big dividends.
  • Review your medications with your doctor. As you get healthier, maybe some of those meds can go by the wayside, but only do this under the direction of your physician.
  • Check your hormones and rule out any problems here.

The vicious circle is that not being able to conceive makes us stressed…stress prevents us from conceiving. So many couples experience infertility. You don’t have to look too far to find someone experiencing a similar difficulty. Connect with others and share ideas of natural ways that helped them get pregnant. Be patient as you make adjustments to improve your overall health.

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