It did what? 10 secrets you didn’t know about celery

Jun 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

Celery.  It’s all the rage! 

If you follow any health aficionado, you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of celery but more specifically celery juice.  There are people who buy celery by the box so they can juice and drink to their hearts content.  There are claims that it cleanses the liver, even destroys cancer.  So, let’s take a closer look at celery.

1.  Celery is full of antioxidants.  What is an antioxidant?  Antioxidants protect blood vessels and organs from oxidative stress.  Celery contains 15 different antioxidants including Vitamin C,  and Beta Carotine.

2.  Celery reduces inflammation.  One of the inflammation fighting ingredients in celery is phytonutrients.  This reduces inflammation in the GI tract, and blood vessels.  Want to protect yourself from strokes and high blood pressure? Celery is a great idea to add to your current health regimen.  There are 25 anti inflammatory compounds in celery.

3.  Celery supports digestion because of it’s high water and fiber content.  95% of celery is water and all that soluble and insoluble fiber keeps the system humming along.

4.  Celery is packed with vital nutrients like Vitamins A, C and K as well as magnesium, and iron.  It has little effect on your blood sugar so the slow and steady state it provides is healthy for those who battle type 2 Diabetes.

5.  Celery is versatile.  Eat it raw, cooked, juiced…take it on the run, pack it work.  It’s one of the easiest veggies to eat.

6.  Celery is anti- hypertensive so it can be a great help in lowering your blood pressure and risk of stroke. All that potassium and calcium relaxes the arteries and has a calming effect.

7.  Celery is excellent for cleansing the liver and kidneys of toxic chemicals, and waste.

8.  Celery seeds help boost the immune system with its anti-bacterial and anti microbial properties.  It’s been used for hundreds of years to fight infection.

9.  Celery is considered a super food.  It aids in weightloss by boosting lipid metabolism.   The rich antioxidants listed above, along with vital electrolytes, makes it a great resource as you start your journey to drop a few pounds.  Take celery along, you’ll be glad you did.

10.  Celery is a great food to boost your energy.  Eating celery floods your cells with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to clean up our less than stellar diet and environmental factors.

So, that’s quite an impressive list!  The trend right now is to juice your celery.  How much difference does juicing make from eating a stalk or two?  There is no hard data that juicing is better than eating.  Juicing removes the pulp/fiber and some die hard celery juicers believe this enhances the healing benefits of  celery. For now, it’s nothing more than personal opinion.  Regardless of how you get celery into your body, it’s a superfood, with amazing nutrition and healing benefits. 

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