Life at 60

Oct 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Let’s talk about all you seasoned and mature women out there. You’ve been through many transitional phases in life and survived the dreaded ‘mid-life’ crisis! Menopause is behind you, at least the hot flashes and hormone shifts and you are settling in to a life where you know what you want. Gone are the days of trying to ‘fit in’ and find where you belong, though for some, that may still be a daily struggle.

As women, our bodies are always changing and good health can ebb and flow. So, what can you expect to experience with your health as you enter your 7th decade of life? Let’s learn about these things together.

Movement can slow just a little as we age. One of the best ways to avoid a downward spiral is to …move. Keep moving your body every day, even on the days when you would rather not. A slow walk, a little yoga is so good for our overall health.

Stability can change. Some women deal with balance issues and keeping our muscles strong through easy gentle movement and exercise can be very beneficial.

Changes in height can be a surprising thing to experience but its true. As we age, we naturally get a let shorter. We can thank the deterioration of our bones; osteoporosis and slowing down of collagen and wearing out of cartilage.

We smell differently. Estrogen drops are mostly responsible for this but our skin is also aging, and this can be a contributing factor as well. You may notice you sweat a little more than usual.

Skin changes can be hard to handle but wrinkles become more prominent, dwindling muscle mass and fat loss can leave us with skin in areas that just seems to hang. Through a good vitamin regimen and daily exercise, we can combat some of these irritating changes.

These are some physical changes to look forward to…or not, but what about our overall health?

It’s important to keep up on your yearly physical exams. Include in your yearly check ups, a visit to the Ophthalmologist to make sure your eyes are in tip top shape and be sure there are no signs of Glaucoma, Cataracts or other common eye issues you can encounter with age. If you find yourself missing out on words in conversations, it is a good time to have your hearing checked. As humans, we are so good at procrastinating everything, including our health. How often do you have to keep saying, “What?”, “I didn’t catch that.”, “What did you say?” Just go get a test already and don’t let the notion of hearing aids bring you down. Life is so much better when you can hear, and hearing aids are so small, they will hardly be noticed!

Clean up your diet and make sure your macronutrients are optimized for preserving and even building muscle. It is surprising how much strong muscles can preserve your overall health.

This is your time, you run the schedule so make sure sleep is a big part of that planning. Lack of sleep will rob you of so much and create an abundance of brain fog; something you don’t need at this time in life. We call those ‘Senior Moments’. They happen but getting good amounts of sleep and nutrition can help keep your mind clear and healthy.

During this stage of life, it’s important to continue to monitor your gynecological health. Keep up on all your yearly screenings so any problems or issues can be flagged early. Include bone density studies as part of the health plan. Osteopenia is easier to reverse than Osteoporosis. Early intervention is the best medicine really.

You know what else 60 will bring? An amazing life filled with new experiences and adventures! It’s a time to relax into life, enjoy the people around you, and a slower pace that allows for new hobbies and interests.

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