New Year, New You

Dec 31, 2018 | Uncategorized

Are you a die hard resolution maker?

Do you think it’s the biggest waste of time, or do you fall somewhere in between the rustling of the calendar change.

I know for many, it has been a difficult year, and resolutions or not, we can’t wait to say ‘Goodbye’ to 2018.  For many more people I know, some of the most amazing opportunities and blessings have presented themselves this year.

Personally, I’m always eager to start something new and that includes resolutions.  The list of all the things we hope to accomplish in the coming year can be lengthy and lofty.  Sometimes, I am still going strong a couple of months into the new year, but if I’m being honest, nothing really evolves past the first week in January.

So, what are some alternatives to a resolution that might spare you the guilt of failing miserable with some heartfelt goals?

Here’s a list we’ve compiled:

Word of the Year: Choose a word you want to focus on for the year.  It could be JOY, GRATITUDE, GIVING, PEACE…You get the idea.  Focus on bringing more of that, into your life.

What you got right: Instead of starting the year with all the ways we need to be better, how about starting the year with a list of all the things you got right?  Why start the year on such a negative note, with line by line shortcomings?

Gratitude:  Commit the year to being grateful for you what you have and what you are.  Consider that you are enough.   It’s one of the important concepts to living a full and abundant life yet we don’t do it enough…consistently.

Weekly Resolutions:  Doing anything for a year, feels daunting.  Why not make little weekly resolutions to make bigger life changes.  Let’s face it, no one’s life actually changes all that much due to a resolution, but smaller weekly goals, actually could.
Start Something New:  Start a new hobby or activity that you have always wanted to do.  Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is start!

However you decide to start the new year, do it your way, with purpose and conviction.  You know, you could even start 2019 by doing nothing!  Absolutely Nothing.  Just let the year unfold as it will and watch with excitement, what comes next. 

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