Seeing the Good

Sep 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

This is a phrase we hear a lot these days- ‘Making a Difference’.  There’s a fair amount of pressure to make a difference…like we have to have some huge, passion project in order to deem ourselves ‘worthy’ of whatever the worthy thing of the day is; as if getting out of bed wasn’t enough!

Instead of worrying about changing the world, perhaps we could start by changing how we feel about our own little corner of existence, the work we do in our hearts, when no one is looking. 
How often do you spend a little time with yourself?  Do you even remember what you are all about as you hurry and scurry making everyone else happy?  We often get lost in the amazing opportunities and good luck happening next door, or down the street and we fixate on that, never noticing the little by little transformations we have made in our own lives.

We are hardwired for negativity and at times, it can feel as though there is not one good thing, big enough, to erase all the bad things we think we are made of.   It’s time to show up to our lives with a little more courage.  I love these thoughts by Jim Cathcart:

  • Know and respect your nature
  • Know how you are smart
  • What do you care about?
  • What drives you?
  • Know the patterns in your choices

When we truly know ourselves, we can better navigate the world and make decisions and choices for us, rather than what the world thinks is right.  We all have an internal navigation system but we have to know and trust ourselves first.  Part of transforming ourselves is understanding what makes us tick. When this connection is made, great things happen!  You may even surprise yourself at what you can accomplish.  
Being a woman is hard work.  We are born into this life with a set of expectations from an unforgiving world but we have more to offer than we think.  We want to see you shine!! 

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