Sleeping through pregnancy

Jan 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

Sleep deprivation is something most pregnant women just accept as a way of life for 6 months or so as their pregnancy ramps up and a growing baby keeps you up. 

Sleep is one of the most precious commodities a pregnant woman has.  Sleep is the key to maintaining good health throughout your pregnancy, a smoother labor and delivery and 9 months with fewer complications.

Here are some proven benefits to good sleep hygiene during pregnancy.

  1. Sleep is when your body returns to setpoint and helps you maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Sleep decreases your chances of developing preeclampsia by allowing your body to rest and relax, thereby lowering your blood pressure and encouraging good blood flow to the fetus.  
  3. Sleep releases growth hormones that are good for mom and baby. It helps ensure proper development and growth to your fetus.
  4. Sleep makes even a rough pregnancy more tolerable. 

So, how does one simply get more sleep while being uncomfortably pregnant?

  • Make sure you have a good supportive mattress and lots of pillows to cushion and support your back and belly. 
  • If sleeping during the night is restless, make up for it with naps during the day.  
  • If light is bothersome, consider investing in a sleep mask. 
  • Keep the temperature in your room a comfortable temperature.  We tend to be much warmer when pregnant so adjust your external thermostat whenever you can. 
  • If noise is an issue, tune in to some white noise.  There are many apps you can find or even recordings on YouTube. 
  • Choose your food wisely.  Avoid hot and spicy foods, foods that create gas and indigestion.  Avoid too much sugar throughout the day.  Too much sugar during the day will create extra trips to the bathroom through the night. 
  • Consider eating a high protein snack before bed.  This will help keep your blood sugars regulated throughout the night and help keep you asleep and comfortable. 
  • Work out the stress of the day before you go to bed.  Write down anything you need to remember.  Dump out the worries and spend a few minutes before bed, just relaxing in peace and quiet.  Eliminate social media in the evening hours to give your brain a chance to slow down. 

These are just a few tips.   Anything that promotes good quality sleep will benefit you more than you know throughout your pregnancy. 

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