So you want to get married?

Jun 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

You’ve planned for this day for months…maybe even years if you count the time spent day dreaming about it.   It’s important you spend a little time at your favorite gynecologists prior to the big day.

I know…not what you had in mind right?

Still, here’s what you can expect at your first premarital exam. We promise it will be a good experience. 

1.  Meet with one of our providers.  We have a variety of providers with varying strengths and personality types, all who are great to listen and ease your anxiety.  They are willing to work with you, past health issues, current health concerns and how to prepare for the next phase of life.  You can choose to meet with one of our OB/GYN docs, or our Nurse Practitioner who is amazing and a wonderful choice for young women who have not been sexually active.

2.  The premarital exam.  The worst part of a premarital exam is the anxiety and worry leading up to it.  The internal exam is important in order to make sure you are in good physical health and identify any problems that could cause painful intercourse.  The premarital exam is also a good time to go over any other health concerns you may have regarding your general health or gynecological issues.  Your doctor will also make sure you are up to date on immunizations. 

3.  Birth control.  This is a good time to educate yourself on the options in birth control and discuss any worries or concerns you may have. 

4.  Pregnancy.  Not only can you discuss birth control but talk about how to prepare now, for the day when you want to conceive.  Your provider can give you great information on diet and nutrition, high risk issues and how to be your best healthy self,  prior to getting pregnant.

5.  Q and A.  The premarital exam is also the best time to confide and ask questions that may have been going unanswered because of the sensitivity of some topics.  This is a great time to establish a relationship with a provider and build trust with him or her. 

Preparing your body and mind for marriage is just as important as choosing the dress.  The wedding day lasts for just hours but a marriage lasts a lifetime.  It’s important you are prepared and ready to embark on an exciting and new life together.  Madison Women’s Clinic is here for you every step of the way. 

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