Taking Care of You- Part 2

Mar 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

In our last post, we talked about taking care of your mental health during these unprecedented times.  Today, let’s talk about the proactive ways we can take care of our physical self.

Sleep- We often wear our late nights and early mornings like a heroic badge.  In reality, we need to be getting a lot of sleep because of the increase of stress.  There isn’t one person who is breezing through these days, stress free.  Sleep is when our bodies rejuvenate and rebuild.  Sleep is also one of the healthiest ways to boost our immune system.   If you are up and down all night or have difficulty falling or staying asleep, make sure you schedule in some naps to get those ZZZ’s in .

Nutrition- In times such as these, we tend to carb load.  Carb loading isn’t a bad thing if you are choosing good, nutritious carbs.  Choose whole grains, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Resistant starches such as boiled potatoes, rice or legumes are a great way to help your body handle the excess stress.   Steer clear of refined sugars and sweets, they will only serve to stress you adrenals even more.

Vitamins and Minerals-  Since it’s likely that your nutrition is not on point, beef up your vitamins in the morning. 

  • Zinc is one of the best ways to boost your immune system and it’s safe to take every day.  
  • Vitamin D in terms of immune benefits but it’s true.  Vitamin D3 paired with K2 is a good way to get your Vitamin D  and the K2 helps move the calcium from your blood and tissue to the bones where it belongs.   Without enough vitamin D, we are more susceptible to infection…and since we live where the sun doesn’t shine half the year…or it does but it’s too cold to be outside, we are often depleted, especially this time of the year. 
  • Vitamin C is so important in the argument of immunity.  It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps clear the body of free radicals that are disease causing.  Make sure you are taking a Vitamin C Complex…the Bioflavonoids, not just the ascorbic acid.  Did you know Vitamin C encourages white cell growth?  White blood cells are the bacteria and virus fighting cells.  
  • B Vitamins- All your B  Vitamins are critical to good health and help us adapt to the changing stressors around us.  The best source of all your B’s is  non-fortified Nutritional Yeast. 

One word of caution when taking Vitamins and Minerals.  Some, that I have not mentioned are potent anti-viral or anti-bacterial options.  Just like taking too many antibiotics can create resistance, so it is with natural choices.  Make sure you know what you’re doing before taking too many natural products.  
Exercise- We can’t talk about self care without mentioning the importance of  getting some exercise.  Right now the gyms are closed and we need to keep our distance from other people but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out for a walk or run.  Engage in running the stairs at home, doing a little yoga, pilates, or a heart raising HIIT workout.  Anything.  Not only is it good for heart and soul but helps alleviate the stress we are all feeling. 

Be being a little more proactive during this time of viral outbreaks, we can strengthen our immune system and be the healthiest we can be.  Then, if we do end up with a viral or bacterial infection, we have some fighting power!

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