The Healing Brain

May 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Collectively, we have been through a lot in the past few weeks, yet the way in which we have handled our common crisis is very personal and unique.  For some, there have been added challenges beyond the trials that come with a pandemic.   

Regardless of your station and lot in life, one thing is likely, we are worn out.  Our brains are weary.  There has been so much to process, paradoxes that have challenged how quickly we can process the new information. 
In times such as this, how do we heal our brain?  How do we embrace the new normal or even return to normal.  So much has changed and change has really become the one constant we can count on.  As parents, mothers especially, we carry a heavier load as we absorb the shock and change for our children and all those around us.   How can we best navigate these uncertain times?
Here are some ideas on how to begin to heal our tired brain…

  • Sleep.  One of the best ways to rest our mind is to sleep.  It’s not enough to get your regular amount of sleep.  In times of turbulence and stress you need a couple of extra hours of sleep and then some.  It varies for each of us.  Start by going to bed and hour earlier and waking up an hour later.  If that isn’t enough, try to squeeze in a small nap during the day. 
  • Make fewer decisions.  By building routine into our day, we eliminate some simple decisions that can still tax our brain.  For example, make a meal plan.  Set the kids clothes out for the week in an organized manner.  When we plan ahead, we can free up space for more important matters. 
  • Move your body.  We hold our anxiety in our body.  When we can get up and move, our stressors have less impact than if we sit and hold on to them.  Moving, literally moves emotion on through so we don’t get stuck in negative feelings and mindsets.  Just a stroll around the block does wonders for a tired, exhausted mind.
  • Eliminate the things that don’t matter.  All of us can fill up a day with unimportant things that drain our minds of energy.  Take a closer look at how you spend your time, and table the non-urgent and unimportant tasks that can wait for a better day when our energy levels are higher. 
  • Practice compassion.  Compassion for others is important but compassion for ourselves may be even more so.  Sometimes, all we can do is all we can do.  When experiencing chaos and change, slowing down and recognizing our limits can be the game changer. 

Feeling burned out and exhausted can happen before we even know it and almost always after a stressful time.   We are all handling this new world of ours in the best way we know how and it would serve us all well to slow down just a bit and plan for what we can.  Do the little things to extend kindness to ourselves and others.  We may be in this together but it absolutely affects us each differently and now is not the time for comparative suffering but it is a time to heal.  How will that look for you?

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