The Myth of Resolve

Jan 8, 2017 | Uncategorized

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  Ready to call it a year, welcoming February as the month of regret?The new year is a curious thing.  There’s a brief pause between the well-worn 365 days we’ve cozied up to, and 365 more that we have yet to get to know.  We all hold on to this moment in great expectations.  There’s one fact about the new year that everyone has come to believe.
New Year, New You.
A new year is not a new you…you are the same you, you’ve always been.  Turning the page on the calendar doesn’t magically transform us into a better version of ourselves yet we buy into that year after year.  
We put a lot of time and energy into planning our resolve at the end of December, in anticipation of January.  We look back on the year passing and tally up our shortcomings; the donuts for breakfast, the candy bar and Coke for lunch and the trip through the nearest fast food joint.  We see the skinny jeans that never left the closet.  The bank account is made of rubber from all the checks that bounced their way through.  We are overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid and all that is about to change on January 1st right?  
What might happen if we stop chasing change?  That restless change that drives us to find perfection within ourselves.  What would happen if we just decided that this year, we were okay the way we are?  What if we stopped living our life by the calendar; the decade of age we find ourselves in?  What if we decided to listen to something other than the negative reel about our weight, our looks, our financial report that loops continuously through our head?

This year, live in the moment.  It’s the small and simple things that bring about great change.  If you don’t succeed, start again, on any old day.  If you’re moving forward, the view is going to change and if you’re trying, good things will come. 

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